WhatsApp Business API Guide / How to Get Started

Graph of Whatsapp daily active users from Statista.
  • Create a business profile
  • Provide your business info
  • Connect with your customers

What Brings WhatsApp Business to Business Life?

Interacting with Customers

Engaging Globally

Creating a Fully-Branded Business Identity

What Brings WhatsApp Business API to Customer’s Life?

Being Notified

  • Order status
  • state of an order
  • confirmations
  • pricing etc.
  • Shipment Information
  • Estimated time of arrival alters
  • Delivery Process
  • Destination Notifications
  • Staff communications
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Dispatch Notifications
  • Travel notifications
  • Booking a travel
  • Boarding info
  • Flight info

Getting a Secured Experience

  • Verification codes for new users
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Getting Answers

Technical Steps You Should Follow to Get Started

Set Up Environment

Register your WhatsApp Business API Client

Test Installation

Create a Backup

Set up Webhooks

Use Message Templates

Third-Party Channel Requirements

Required Language Elements:

Required User Interface:

TIPS for WhatsApp Business API



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