Popups Convert / Here is why with Statistics & 10 useful TIPS

Emre Elbeyoglu
6 min readJun 27, 2019

A lot of people think that popup display ads are dead. They’re annoying, old-fashioned, sales-oriented, irritating display ads.

Let’s think about it again, with a clear perspective.

I know that we all had a bad experience with popups. However, things have changed, as we are, if you let it happen.

How could some big and trustworthy companies still use popup display ads and collect data?

You should think about this question. People still getting benefit from popups, cause they work. They work because people know how to use them.

As PopupSmart team we help our customers to increase sales and conversions, build an email list and guide their website visitors, through popups.

Are we insane? Still using popups?

Believe me, we are not at all…

We just know how to use them in a proper way. We don’t interrupt the user experience. On the contrary, we try to help the website visitors find what they need. If you solve a real problem, offer something valuable, there is nothing wrong to use popup display ads.

The key point is to correct a misunderstanding about popups. So in this article, I’ll try to tell you the reasons and stats behind popup display ads.

Hope you like it!

The answer is quite simple. The main reason for a popup is to provide a powerful call-to-action.

That means you convey your actionable message that lead your website visitors to get some useful insights about your products or services.

I can give you some example stats from our clients.

After implementing a popup, we boost Sefa Stone’s conversion rate with communication support line popups. We had shown an exit-intent popup to 20.300 people and received 1.006 opt-in form after a month. We had %38 sales conversion. That means we had 382,28 sales after a month thanks to our smart popup service.

The thing is, you need to implement the very best practices based on problem, solution, and intention.

If you interrupt the user experience, show a popup on the landing page to irrelevant users there is a problem here. Imagine that you enter a shopping center and a boring salesman asks you the same question constantly.

You probably can’t stand it all and leave that place ASAP.

It’s the same… Check this out for a similar story.

Have a look at this popup example:

I’ve mentioned one of our clients, Sefa Stone. We implement this popup to their website and this allowed us to start measuring immediate proceeds.

We also added a “get direction” to the pop-up and it simply doubles the conversion rates from the local visitors.

We made it by creating a unique value, determining the best time, and providing a useful information! Let’s measure the results together:

After 4 weeks, this is what we saw:

  • Pop-Up Conversion Rate: 10.23%
  • Number of People Getting Contact: 1388
  • Number of People Clicked “Get Direction to Showroom”: 358

As I’ve mentioned before, Popups still convert!

Let’s have a look at another study from Sumo. In 1,754,957,675 popups, they found that:

  • The top 10% highest-performing pop-ups averaged a 9.28% conversion rate. Conversion rate means who saw a popup and took action.
  • Only 3 out of 100 people ever have popups with conversion rates over 11%.
  • The average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%.

According to MailChimp, the average email click-through rate across all industries is about 2.61%. According to this Sumo study, the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is about 3.09%.

One other statistics come from Entrepreneur. According to their survey, pop-ups helped entrepreneur.com increase subscriptions 86% and sales 162%.

Also, Copyblogger found that implementing a pop-up strategy immediately boosted email list opt-ins

I hope you convinced that they still work!

Pick the Right Time

In order not to interrupt user experience you should display your popups at the right time.

Try to be relevant. If you know your audience or potential customers, you can answer these questions based on your business dynamics.

  • When is the right time to ask for their email? (immediately, after a while or when they’re about to leave)

If you want to convert from a popup then you should provide something valuable. Otherwise, there would be no reason for them to return.

Mostly, we suggest people set some rules for a popup to be displayed when a user is intending to leave or x% of page scrolled or active for 10 seconds on site.

Optimize Your Call-To-Action (CTR)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts, having a powerful CTR is the main point of when we talk about conversion. You can convey your CTR message through popups.

However, you should pay attention to do it properly.

Don’t forget to place it above the fold for maximum visibility. Also, have a simple but still eye-catching design. You may use a contrasting color to do that and use compelling words!

Tell them exactly what they’ll get.

Whatever your service or offering is, please be clear. You might want to provide an e-book, a PDF or something else valuable. Tell them what it is!

You might add animations, or pick attractive designs and colors. You should definitely catch your visitor’s eye to boost your conversions.

Be Responsive to Each Dimension

You need to show your popup on the correct device properly.
For example, if your popup is irritating or hard to opt-into on mobile, remove it from visitors on mobile, immediately.

Make sure that your popup ads are responsive in all devices such as tablets, desktops or mobiles.

Also, be careful not to slow loading time on mobile because of the popup ads.

Keep it Simple

Having too much text or providing too many form fields is just ineffectual for your goods. You should have a popup that conflicts with share button or website functionality.

Don’t Hide Your Content

Google is penalizing websites with popups on mobile that hides the content. Also, avoid showing popups on landing pages that appear once entered a website!

Considering that more than 70% of your visitors abandon your site, and a huge number of those people never to return, provide something valuable and convert them into your website. Also, you can collect emails or prevent cart abandonment with exit-intent technology. It’s one the best ways for hooking your customers back with attractive messages!

Target Visitors based on Interest

You should target your website visitors with a specific offer based on their interest. Find out much more about them like what blog category or pages are they browsing?

You can accomplish this by using PopupSmart’s Advance Targeting feature.

PopupSmart’s advanced segmentation system allows you to customize your messages based on your visitor’s behavior in order to increase conversion, engagement and sales rate. We provide easy installation in 1 minute, compatible with all website platforms.

Have UX Design

If you really want to boost your conversions, you better put yourself into your customer’s shoes. The key point is to improve the experience of the popup and make it easy to signup or close.

You should have a huge close option or a “no thanks” option. In this case, try to be creative. Have a look at this example to get what I mean:

Recommend Products

You should highlight and recommend your popular products. You can imply popups on product pages to encourage users to browse, or on checkout pages to encourage cross-sells.

If your aim is to guide your audience, PopupSmart will help you share your news about your products and services via optimized popup designs.

Congrats! Now you break down your prejudies and actully know the milestones of popup display ads. Considering that you get the hints to build an awesome popup, it’s time to start increasing conversion rates!

If you use popups on your website? Please share some tips for maximizing the conversion rates. I’m happy to answer if you have any questions.

See you next time.