Popups Convert / Here is why with Statistics & 10 useful TIPS

  • Pop-Up Conversion Rate: 10.23%
  • Number of People Getting Contact: 1388
  • Number of People Clicked “Get Direction to Showroom”: 358
  • The top 10% highest-performing pop-ups averaged a 9.28% conversion rate. Conversion rate means who saw a popup and took action.
  • Only 3 out of 100 people ever have popups with conversion rates over 11%.
  • The average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%.

Pick the Right Time

  • When is the right time to ask for their email? (immediately, after a while or when they’re about to leave)

Optimize Your Call-To-Action (CTR)

Be Responsive to Each Dimension

Keep it Simple

Don’t Hide Your Content

Target Visitors based on Interest

Have UX Design

Recommend Products



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