How to Optimize Google Featured Snippets

Google featured snippets illustration.

Why are Featured Snippets Important for Ranking?

Major Types of Featured Snippets





Average CTR of Snippet Feature

How to Get Featured on Google?

  1. Site Explorer
  2. Enter domain
  3. Organic keywords
  4. SERP Features
  5. Featured Snippets
  6. Only linking the target

Which Search Queries Don’t Trigger Featured Snippets?

  • Local Queries: You’ve probably seen many other times that when you enter a local query, Google generally show information from Google Maps.
  • Simple Facts: Considering that simple facts comprises public domain, Google generally provide “rich answer”.
  • Image Queries: Google generally provide content pulled from Google Images to that kind of search queries.
  • Shopping Searches: As Google Shopping provides information about products, Google generally don’t give credit to Shopping Searches in terms of featured snippets.

10 TIPS for Optimizing Featured Snippets

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Make a Keyword Research

Find Competitors’ Snippets

Identify Which Phrases You Already Rank Highly For

Address Similar Questions in Your Content

Use Various Phrasings For the Same Question

Add “How-To” Section to Your Website

Browse Google’s Own “People Also Ask” Sections

Organize Queries based on Content Structure

Use High-Quality Images & Videos




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