Google Analytics for Beginners (Video)

Fresh man in digital marketing and digital analytics.
  • create and implement an account
  • set up views and filter
  • read basic reports
  • set up dashboards
  • perform basic analysis
  • set up goals and campaign tracking

What is Digital Analytics?

  • Acquisition involves building awareness and acquiring user interest.
  • Behavior is when users engage with your business.
  • Conversion is when a user becomes a customer and transacts with your business.

How can different kinds of businesses benefit from Digital Analytics?

  • Publishers can use it to create a loyal, highly-engaged audience and to better align on-site advertising with user interests.
  • Ecommerce businesses can use digital analytics to understand their customers’ online purchasing behavior and better market their products and services.
  • Lead generation sites can collect user information for sales teams to connect with potential leads.

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