365 days of SaaS Growth — from $3K to 13K MRR without funding.

Why is growth so important for a startup?

Growth = Startup.

Growth creates data that improves the product.

Growth can create upsell products according to customers’ feedback.

Adaptation is crucial.

Product Development & Growth Balancing

Sell value not feature

Think like your target customers

SEO is a must-have acquisition channel

A) Find keywords not included in any SEO & Keyword Research Tools

B) Don’t start with outreach for backlink

C) Develop free tools for your target audience

D) Create the content by doing something different

Product-led-Growth is the best acquisition.

The team is essential, but with a good culture.




CEO at popupsmart.com

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Emre Elbeyoglu

Emre Elbeyoglu

CEO at popupsmart.com

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