22 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales & Conversion (Free and Paid Apps)

Emre Elbeyoglu
16 min readJul 4, 2019

In this article, you’re going to find out the best apps for Shopify. Those top Shopify apps will help you to increase sales and conversions. However, all of them have their own dynamics. In this case, you can find detailed information about must have Shopify apps below.

Hope you find it useful.

11 Best Free Shopify Apps


Example image of the integration between Oberlo and Shopify for e-commerce.

You don’t need to think about packaging or shipping anymore. Oberlo allows you to add hundreds of products to your Shopify store very easily.

By using Oberlo you can,

  • import dropship products easily from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace. That’s how you publish those products in your store
  • fulfill orders automatically in order to ship a product to your customer
  • arrange inventory and price Auto-Updates. That’s how you track your stock levels, products price
  • edit your products by changing images, titles, descriptions
  • track your shipment with integrated order tracking
  • allow other people to help run your online store
  • filter products with the fastest delivery times with ePacket
  • change product suppliers based on the best price
  • connect existing products on your store and easily switch between the suppliers offering

Product Reviews

By getting some features such as bulk filtering, exporting, importing, SEO friendly review scores and more you can add simple product review areas for customers to fill out. Simply, it allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. With the help of this useful application, you can increase the engagement rate with your customers. Accordingly, your conversions and sales!

With Product Reviews, you can

  • set theme-friendly designs that automatically match your branding and your store
  • customize easily, without needing to code
  • manage reviews quickly with bulk actions such as editing layouts, text, and color
  • import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet
    Add SEO-friendly review scores which are helpful to boost your conversion

Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box is one of the best free Shopify apps in the marketing domain. As we know that over 30,000 Shopify stores use the Better Coupon Box.

By using Better Coupon Box you can,

  • offer a discount coupon in case they subscribe to email newsletters
  • make them follow some social media accounts through discount coupons
  • increase the number of your followers in your Facebook and Twitter accounts

You’ll never have empty social feeds again with the help of Bold Social Autopilot app which is pulling from your product pages and blog posts. It is one of the best apps for Shopify.

It delivers Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins to your networks. It very easy to set up and use.

Every time you list a new product or publish a new blog post, Bold Social Autopilot tweets it at random intervals. You can create various messages.

By using Bold Social Autopilot app you can,

  • create personalized messages that reflect your branding
  • post your new products to Twitter, it will run in the background forever

Xero® Sync by Bold

Your orders export to the Xero accounting program by The Xero Shopify app. It’s an amazing way to see and track financial reports, create invoices and receive global tax support.

By using this one of the top Shopify apps Xero Sync you can,

  • receive daily notification emails by choosing automatically sync order data between Shopify and Xero
  • create a financial report in which payments, discounts, refunds, and payment fees are automatically recorded separately
  • export your orders into personal invoices that can include partially paid or pending orders
  • import customer information with your orders
  • get worldwide support service
  • set a primary tax agency for where you most regularly do business


You can organize your marketing workflow by integrating your store with MailChimp for free. You can increase your conversions by reminding customers about items they left in their cart in order to prevent cart abandoning.

Make them catch the news and follow up post-purchase through this one of the best free Shopify apps, MailChimp.

By using Mailchimp app you can,

  • set up marketing automation by automating email campaigns
  • sync list and purchase data
  • customize your marketing by targeting segments
  • automatically subscribe your consumers to your Mailchimp list
  • recommend products
  • track and segment customers.
  • grow your audience
  • boost your selling with Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns in Mailchimp
  • embed a pop-up form
  • add discount codes and automations with a promo-code content block

The Google Shopping

Shopify’s Google Shopping app automatically syncs the relevant information as well as your products about your Shopify store with Google Merchant Center.

Feed updates will be sent to the Merchant Center automatically. It’s easier to create online ads for your products thanks to Google Shopping app.

All you have to do is connecting your Google Merchant Center through this app, syncing your products, connecting a Google Ads account and creating Smart Shopping campaign that helps you reach the customers all over the internet.

By using this app, you will

  • have optimized bidding and ad placement
  • choose the best time and place to show the right products based on your audience
  • have an automatic system that decides places in which dimension ads they perform best
  • qualify for a free credit towards your campaign
  • run marketing campaigns and track the results
  • only pay if someone clicks on your ad


You can integrate your Instagram pictures into your Shopify Store without effort.

As we know that Instagram is one of the biggest marketing tools, adding the Instagram pictures of your brand will be helpful to create brand awareness. You don’t need coding experience.

By using Instafeed Shopify app you will,

  • attract new followers by integrating your pictures that can link directly to your Instagram account
  • engage with your customers through Instafeed.

Plugin SEO

Plug in SEO stands for checking your shop for SEO problems. In this case, the app checks your store and determines the issues with search engine performance.

Plug in SEO checks page titles, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, content freshness for you.

By using this app you can,

  • benefit from improved Multilingual SEO with advanced editing features
  • be alerted when there are any issues found


Stamped.io aims to increase the social proof and sales for your store. It’s free but if you want to take advantage of paid plan it starts at only $15/month.

It consists of,

  • Product Reviews
  • Checkout Reviews
  • Video Reviews & Photo Reviews
  • Instagram Shoppable Gallery
  • Community Questions & Answers
  • Net Promoter Score® Survey
  • Multi-Channel Review Sources (beta)

by using this app you can

  • get the latest recommendations from Google with full structured data support
  • boost your organic traffic
  • increase page speed with
  • integrate this app with your existing apps
  • benefit from Multilingual SEO
  • downgrade to Plugin SEO free whenever you want
  • review insights and sentiment analysis
  • use social push reviews to drive traffic from Facebook and Twitter


With this customer content marketing platform, you can generate and leverage reviews, photos, and Q&A in order to build trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion.

Yotpo increased sales with their customer content and that’s why it received more than 1,000 five-star reviews in Shopify. It is also the official Shopify Plus Technology Partner.

By using this app you can

  • collect reviews, photos, and Q&A from your customers
  • boost your conversion rate with customer content on site
  • display ratings in search engines both in an organic way and with AdWords. Accordingly, drive traffic to your website
  • automate the social sharing process based on your best customer content
  • build brand awareness
  • get feedback from your customers and improve your business

If you are one of the small businesses and stores that are just starting out, Yotpo’s Forever Free Plan is just for you.

You can benefit from Yotpo’s Free plan by

  • collecting reviews with a single request
  • increasing conversions based on product reviews and ratings
  • arranging your sharing schedule
  • driving traffic from Facebook and Twitter

Remember, if you’re planning to have a look at the Growth Plan which starts at $29 / month, you can have all the features for the free plan. Other than that, you will have

  • Reviews Carousel
  • Rich Snippets
  • Coupons, Email Upsells and much more

WhatShare stands for boosting your store’s visibility. You don’t need to have a coding background. It’s very easy to customize. It enables you to track your products and pages that are getting more shares.

By using this app you can,

  • include a WhatsApp share button in your storefront
  • get reports of what links and products are being shared as a premium option.
  • get benefit from WhatShare Bar, which sticks to your store pages on mobile screens and increases your shares
  • get benefit from The Blog Sharing so that you can let your customers share your blog articles
  • get free support

11 Best Paid Shopify Apps

Pre‑Order Manager

If you want to earn with pre-orders then Pre-order Manager app is just for you. You can assess the sale level without merchandising acquisition. Also, it enables you to earn 17% more than usual, selling out-of-stock products with PreOrders! In this case, you enter the “Pre-Order” button for out-of-stock products and let your customer clicks the button that leads him to go through the regular order procedure to buy an item.

By using Pre-Order Manager you can,

  • push up sales without investing in a product
  • collect money to start product development
  • create a business plan and seek investments with accurate statistics
  • limit quantity for certain products
  • customize your pre-order button
  • schedule the pre-order process
  • get live chat support



  • Flexible settings for certain products and variants
  • Customizable design Pre-Orders tagging
  • Set up Pre-Orders in bulk 24/7 fast live support

Restocked Alerts

Restocked Alerts help you increase your sales with back in stock notifications. That means, you provide subscription and receiving alerts to your customers when products come back in stock.

By using Restocked Alerts app on Shopify you can,

  • automatically email customers when a product is back in stock
  • measure demand for products with dashboard
  • benefit from customizations based on your technical skills


$14.99/month (100 emails sent per month)
$34.99/month (500 emails sent per month)
$54.99/month (5,000 emails sent per month)
$79.99/month (50,000 emails sent per month)

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Create a complete rewards program with Smile.io.

You manage and combine the programs below to create a complete rewards experience for your customers.

  • Loyalty Points Program
  • Referral Program
  • VIP Program

Combining these programs multiple to reward your customers with a mobile-optimized experience will be helpful to reflect your attitude, as well your branding.

Remember, you can connect Smile.io to other tools including email service providers, CRM, and other marketing tools.


Free Plan: Includes a loyalty points program and a referral program at no cost.

Reward for:

  • Purchases
  • Customer Referrals
  • Account Registrations
  • Social Shares and Follows
  • Celebrating a Birthday

Paid Plan: If you’re planning to take your business to the next step by increasing the integration and engagement level, this plan is just for you.

$25/month per 1,000 program members

It includes,

  • Advanced Design Customization
  • VIP Programs
  • App Integrations
  • Customizable Email Notifications and Referral Messaging
  • Points Expiry
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Account and Launch Management

By using this app you can,

  • get your rewards program started
  • expertise in all industries
  • get Shopify Plus solutions and features

Loox Reviews ‑ Photo Reviews

Let your customers post beautiful product reviews to your store.

Make your customers give you five-star ratings and add photos of themselves by using your products. It is the new way of posting beautiful product reviews to your store.

Loox is used by over 14,000 Shopify stores. Accordingly, you can boost conversion through increased trust. It is also easy to set up.

By using this app you can,

  • include social proof in the form of product reviews
  • show your product in action
  • segment your product
  • import from AliExpress
  • offer reviewers a discount
  • provide fully branded emails
  • moderate based on your branding
  • display reviews & ratings on search results with Rich Snippets
  • show star ratings on collection pages and higher up on product pages
  • show off all your reviews in happy customers page
  • get customer support


Basic: $9.99/month (100 monthly review request emails)

Advanced: $24.99/month (500 monthly review request emails)
Pro: $49.99/month (1,500 monthly review request emails)
Enterprise: $99.99/month (10,000 monthly review request emails)


Kit as an artificially-intelligent assistant aims to help you with your marketing store by recommending marketing activities that drive sales.

It allows you to create and promote a discount code with a few quick messages. It is also a great way to bring visitors back to your store with retargeting campaigns and customizable email.

Kit best fits for small businesses. It is not only Facebook Marketing Partner for small business but also Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing, and social posts manager to increase sales and conversions.

By using this application you can,

  • retarget your customers by setting up dynamic Facebook ads
  • build and grow your audience with best targeting ads option
  • create Instagram & Facebook ads that drive sales
  • drive customer engagement
  • send personalized ‘thank you’ emails
  • acquire and retain customers by creating discount codes
  • generate quick reports to provide insights into sales and marketing performance


Free to install

For ads that you run on Facebook or Instagram using Kit, you will be billed directly through your Facebook ad account.


You don’t need to worry about shipping, importing and managing your orders thanks to ShipStation.

No matter what is your monthly shipment, every merchant can take advantage of our deeply discounted USPS rates. FedEx Advantage Program enables ShipStation users to save up to 29% on FedEx shipping services.

Also, ShipStation’s special discounts make it possible for smaller retailers to offer free shipping.

By using this application you can,

  • offer shoppers a variety of shipping options add an unlimited number of selling channels to your account
  • manage your needing in one place
  • benefit from the automation rules and batch processing
  • reflect your branding
  • send a customizable notification email
  • provide a positive shopping experience


Starter Plan:

  • 50 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels (unlimited stores)
  • 1 User Branded Labels & Packing Slips
  • Email & Community Forum
  • Support

Bronze Plan


  • 500 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels (unlimited stores)
  • 1 User Branded Labels & Packing Slips
  • Email & Community Forum
  • Support

Gold Plan


  • 3,000 Shipments
  • All Selling Channels
  • 3 Users
  • Customized Packing Slips & Branded Labels
  • Live Chat, Email & Community Forum Support

Enterprise Plan


  • Unlimited Shipments
  • All Selling Channels
  • 10 Users
  • Customized Packing Slips
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support Email & Community Forum Support


Only a select few of your customers are actually telling their friends about you, even though they love your product.


Because most businesses do not have a referral program to help their customers spread the word!

In today’s digital world, every business need a referral program to help their customers spread the word! Referral Candy used by more than 3000 online stores to help you drive more sales through word-of-mouth marketing.

Here how it works,

  • A customer purchases from your store.
  • Referral Candy sends them a coupon code to share with friends.
  • The customer receives a referral reward when their friends buy.

It’s basically a referral marketing tool that doesn’t require a coding experience. It’s very easy to customize your own emails with the drag-and-drop email editor or with HTML/CSS. You can also test ReferralCandy with their 30-day risk-free trial.

By using this application you can,

  • generate referral sales for merchants
  • choose the rewards you’d prefer and let your customers receive their rewards automatically
  • automatically send an email to remind your customers to share the referral link
  • optimize your campaigns
  • customize your emails
  • get a customer support


Premium Plan:

$49 (monthly base fee+monthly commission)
Enterprise Plan:

$3999 (monthly fee/billed annually)


If you own an e-commerce business on Shopify and have some difficulties in getting your Shopify store found online or ensuring store visitors make purchases then Sitemapper is just for you!

Considering that there are thousands of other e-commerce stores in Shopify, you need to improve your visibility on popular search engines. In this case, you can use Sitemapper to solve this problem. It will be helpful to be found in Shopify and increase sales conversions.

By using this application you can,

  • generate a sitemap page for your Shopify store
  • improve traffic to your store and increase profits
  • improve SEO by linking to all your products, pages, collections, and blog posts.
  • create a sitemap page that contains all the products you’re selling
  • automatically synchronize all the changes



Conversio Marketing Automation

As we all need, you also need to send better emails in order to increase sales and conversion.

In this case, more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses use Conversio Marketing Automation app to engage their customers and build trust in their brands.

It has extremely simple integration process with Shopify. Also, it provides powerful personalization to sell more using targeted audiences. It’s drag and drop upsell modules will be helpful to increase your customer lifetime value.

By using this application you can,

  • create a segment that is specific to your audience
  • create conversion driven campaigns
  • track your conversions by using the Insights dashboard
  • get customer support
  • recover revenue in abandoned cart emails
  • use the reviews to increase sales
  • personalize emails with powerful segmentation
  • get your best reviews in the spotlight to build trust and increase sales
  • get customer feedback


Pay As You Grow
Conversio’s pricing is based on your success, not your list size.
$20/month or $16.67/month billed at $200 once per year.

Monthly charge based on the number of customers.

  • Email Receipts
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Follow-Up Emails
  • Newsletter Emails
  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Feedback

SEO Manager

SEO Manager provides great solutions to get found in Google. This application implements SEO measures to help you rank better in search engines. It has a user-friendly application. It is one of the best-rated paid apps on Shopify because it enables you to optimize your store.

By using this application you can,

  • edit titles
  • edit description
  • search keywords field
  • simulate Google result
  • scan SEO issues scan
  • scan SEO issues suggestions
  • get Focus/Keyword suggestions
  • scan Image ALT text issues
  • get Title templating
  • get Index/No Index
  • get Advanced meta settings
  • get Google page speed integration
  • test Google mobile friendliness
  • product “unavailable after” meta
  • redirect on “out of stock”
  • do Sitemap management
  • make SEO control of tag filtered collections
  • manage and repair 404 error
  • get Google knowledge graph support
  • get JSON-LD Data Support
  • work with Kit
  • get Local business structured data
  • get Google sitemap submission
  • see Integrated Google Search Console analytics
  • have Google trends integration




Do you need an affiliate tracking software for e-commerce? Say hi to Affiliatly.

It helps people to start an affiliate marketing program quickly and easily. You can personalize everything to realize your ideas and make the program your own.

This smart tool tracks both mobile and desktop visitors. It enables you to offer both tracking methods and a wide range of functions at an affordable price.

By using this application you can,

  • track your affiliates’ referrals by link, coupon code, QR code, client’s email, product SKU, or a combination of those
  • manage your program and view statistics
  • change automated referred orders status
  • control the affiliates’ earnings in case of changes in the orders’ prices or partial refunds
  • change the tracking link template and set custom tracking codes for your affiliates
  • block specific products
  • view and control affiliates’ stats
  • pay earnings to affiliates through PayPal
  • pay your affiliates with gift cards for your store
  • manage the affiliate commission percentage and cookie duration
  • globally or for a specific partner
  • choose how affiliates generate earning — per user visit, as a
  • percentage of the price of the order, or as a flat rate per purchase
  • display the interface of the app in different languages
  • block inactive affiliates
  • customize the app to match your branding
  • write/edit the texts for the login, registration and FAQ pages of the program
  • export affiliate and order stats to a spreadsheet
  • add a popup to your checkout to invite your customers to become your affiliates


$16/month up to 50 active affiliates / all features of the app are enabled

$24/month up to active 200 affiliates / all features of the app are enabled

PRO 1000:
$59/month up to active 1000 affiliates / all features of the app are enabled

PRO Unlimited:
$129/month unlimited affiliates / all features of the app are enabled

For those, who are wondering the basics, let’s summarize the milestones of Shopify!

What is Shopify & How Does it Work?

In a nutshell, Shopify is a cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service) shopping cart solution. You can enter store data, process orders and products in a monthly fee. Also, Shopify provides generous free and for-purchase design templates. In addition, you can customize these themes based on your branding. Shopify’s editing tools are useful when you consider this.

If you choose the monthly payment method, Shopify gives 24/7 customer support by phone, email or live chat.

You don’t have to worry about anymore, Shopify provides everything you need in order to help you quickly begin selling on your very own site.

Wondering How to Start Using Shopify?

Well, I think the first thing to do is sign in for 14-day free trial. You can complete this process without entering any credit card information. All you have to do is submit contact information and answer a few questions about your business.

After that, better testing every aspect of Shopify’s software. What I mean is to look test it to see how it works effectively on your products, marketing campaigns, storefront designs, and added applications. You may need some advanced features such as abandoned cart notifications, filtered search or pop-up promos.

After all, if you want to continue with your Shopify account, you can choose an appropriate pricing plan based on your business. You should begin by adding your company’s basic information. It will help Shopify to accurately calculate shipping rates in the shipping process.

Don’t forget to customize your theme based on your branding. According to the number of the product you have, you can choose a proper theme with lists and subcategories.

Remember, Shopify offers over 1500 extensions and applications. That’s why it’s helpful to fill in any gaps in features you may find.

If you need any support feel free to get in contact with Shopify’s support team. However, better first looking into Shopify’s knowledge base before calling.

Crucial Things to Know About Shopify

  • User-Friendly

People love Shopify because you don’t need a technical background to use it. Shopify is best known for ease of use and modern web design. You can add products, create discounts, and process orders easily. All you have to do is using the drag-and-drop editing tool. It’s just that simple. That’s why it has a user-friendly web design.

  • Affordable

With its low monthly fees, it’s cheap and affordable. The basic plan costs $29/month and the mid-level plan is priced at $79/month. When you consider the service you get, it worths!
Provide Pretty/Mobile-Friendly Themes:
You can choose free, mobile responsive themes with regard to your brand. If you want to get more options, there are Premium (paid) themes available for you.
Good For Dropshippers:
It’s a lot simpler for many drop shippers thanks to the integrations with Ordoro and Oberlo.

  • Provide Support Options

You can access technical support 24/7 through phone, email or live chat. Self-help options are available as well. Customers like that support are available outside of regular business hours.

I hope you find this article useful to pick one of the best free Shopify apps to increase conversions in e-commerce.

In this case, I provided detailed information about top Shopify apps. If you want to ask questions or share your experience, feel free to get in touch!

Hope you reach your target through these must have Shopify apps.

See you next time!